TheNeverPages Serialisation

Our Weekly Serialisation of the Book that Started Our Journey

In January 2010, Graham Thomas was sat in the corner table at the back of The Bishop, on Lordship Lane, East Dulwich. He was feeling very good about himself. He had his pint, he was near a radiator and he had just finished writing his first novel. But what to do with it? (The manuscript, not the pint or the radiator – he knew what to do with both of those) The clear answer seemed to be to self publish it, build an independent publishing house and get a few more pints in, obviously.

Now, 5 years later, we’re serialising the book on our site. Every week a new chapter released, until the whole thing is here. We hope you can stop by each week to follow Master G_’s journey through TheNeverRealm as he searches for his lost love… or maybe you prefer to save it all up and binge-read the thing. Whatever suits you, we’ll keep uploading, so stop by when ever you like…

About ‘TheNeverPages’

‘TheNeverPages’ is the journal of a Dream Investigator, a magical-realist science fantasy adventure charting Master G_’s journey between here and the afterlife. It takes place during the exact moment of death, when we step from this world into the next and when our memories, past hopes and sins coalesce and are presented back to us.  It is a book about our perception of space, time and reality but above all else, ‘TheNeverPages’ is about the lengths we will go to for love.

And if you fancy buying the book…

If you’re enjoying our serialisation and fancy owning a lovely, illustrated copy for your shelf, or someone elses then ‘TheNeverPages’ can be purchased exclusively, and globally, through amazon as an ebook or in beautiful paperback format. We are currently working on an in-house store where you will soon be able to purchase ‘TheNeverPages’ directly through us, signed, sealed and shipped straight to you.