Our Journey...

Based in south London, TheNeverPress is an independent publishing house specialising in fiction, though we’re not averse to venturing into other fields when the right project comes along.
We’ve got a stimulating slate of books in production – not just novels, but also comics, short story collections, graphic novels, children’s picture books and poetry. We value our independence and plan to release a few publications each year in a unique, modern fashion: online serialisations, blogs about things we like – and that you might too – reports from local events, maybe a podcast or two. We might not be a publishing behemoth right now, but that’s the point. We’re just going our own way.

Our books are now available worldwide through Amazon and we’re building a nice in-house store so you can purchase directly from this site, and we’re hoping to be stocked by local bookshops. Who knows – we might even pop up at a stall near you.

We’re artists, writers, coders, designers and bloggers who want to create a label that nurtures each project’s vision. Our aim is to lay a strong foundation of trust and encouragement: whatever the idea, we’ll give it a fair crack of the whip.

Feel free to drop us a line if you want to chat about any of our projects… or, indeed, your own.


Graham Thomas
Founder, TheNeverPress

TheNeverPress is not about ‘it’s the next…’ or ‘it’s the new…’ but perhaps ‘it’s the first…’ and ‘it’s the only…’

Who are we?

Graham Thomas

Founder, Author, Lush
Graham Thomas

As a wee lad, Graham wanted to be a pilot, a butler, a filmmaker and an author. The only one that stuck with him was author. He likes to ponder and plan, and though they say a plan is just a list of things that never happen he does have a firm roadmap for where he, and TheNeverPress, are going. He has a slate of 10 books queued up for the next five years, each one planned and developed and just waiting for the start date to roll around. After that, he has a nebulous plan for future books – 30 or 40 more brewing away. Alongside writing, he loves cooking roasts and The Cure. Graham also takes comfort in the fact that although he is the wrong side of 35, he is always the right side of the bar.

Dave Hollander

Editor, Poet, Bon Viveur
Dave Hollander

Having worked as a sub-editor at The Times for six years before going freelance, Dave Hollander is currently deputy production editor of The Stage, for which he also writes occasional reviews. Beyond theatre, Dave loves poetry and classic fiction, with a penchant for French and Russian novels. His passion for food and drink embraces such writers as Jane Grigson, Diana Henry, David Wondrich and Victoria Moore, whose culinary and libationary feats he attempts to recreate with varying degrees of success.

Nathan Edwards

Website guy
Nathan Edwards

By day Nathan is a website developer and by night he is sometimes that too.  When he finds the time, he is an artist working in photography, painting, and sometimes electronics - good with a camera and a brush, but terrible with a soldering iron.  Perhaps the biggest thing keeping him in London is the music, from raves to live gigs, he's decided tinnitus in his later years is a worthy price to pay to live in one of the greatest cities in the world.