TheNeverPages Serialisation
Series 6, Episode 6

TheNeverPages - Series 6, Episode 6

Lucy’s journal.

Stripes was acting very strangely this morning. He did not want to go and run in the meadow. He did not want to swim in the lake. He didn’t even go to his bowl for his breakfast.

When I woke, I found that silly dog staring at the bedroom wall. He was very close to it and growled when I tried to pull him away so I left him there.

Particularly beautiful weather today – the mountains are lush and verdant. The wind is gentle. It makes the white curtains billow peacefully. Took my coffee on the balcony and looked out at the mountainside and the lakes below. So perfect.

Went about day – made bread, wrote, practiced piano (can play Rachmaninov’s Concerto Number 4 through to end now…took four hours though)

Carried on with a strange feeling all day though. An expectant feeling. Felt like something was supposed to be happening, or was about to happen. It felt good – like that feeling you have when you meet someone for the first time and await their love letter.

Came upstairs to bed and to write in my EverPages and Stripes was still sitting by the wall. His tail was wagging happily and his tongue was lolling. His eye was really glinting (his pretty eyepatch I embroidered also seemed to glow a bit)

But the wall – the wall was different! I have noticed a stain on it. A large dark, life-sized stain like a shadow. Not my shadow – not any bodies. It does not dissipate when I run my hands over it…but it feels warm. It feels good. It feels like it is linked to my sense of joyful expectancy. Don’t know how to explain but I think someone is walking through the wall!

Things need names and so I have named the Shadow-Stain ‘Gavrilov’. Yes, it will be called Master Gavrilov. Ridiculous I know…but it just….feels right.

Feels like I am in love. 

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