TheNeverPages Serialisation
Series 6, Episode 3

TheNeverPages - Series 6, Episode 3

“Firstly,” I countered, “Tell me what happens next”. It seemed now that the second time round, my question felt not so shameful. I could see that answering his question was all I needed to do to progress. A simple answer. No grand fight, no final confrontation. Just a question and an answer.

I suddenly eschewed all sense of revenge and anger. I felt no need to place myself at odds with him, or anyone. MGV2, Tesla and many others had died, but many others had died before and will again. Brekker’s journey no longer mattered to me. What mattered was what lay ahead and I felt compelled to seek ascension. I remembered the two rules of Dream Investigation and so I repeated my question, imbuing it with an emotionless resonance that seemed to match his.

“What happens next?”

He mechanically lilted his head to both sides.

“You will leave us,” he said. “You will sail into the FurtherUnknown which lies behind me and beyond the NeverRealm. You will keep going onward. Maybe to your end, maybe to your NeverEnd. I do not know. I only know that you will leave”.

His words carried finality and relief overcame me. A great feeling, perhaps the greatest of feelings. I was going over the great plateau. He must have recognized the understanding and acceptance in my eyes, as he nodded at me in compliance.

“What have you to ask me?” I said, preparing to deliver my answer, stand up and leave immediately after it was given as there would be then nothing more to say or do but to simply go.

The flames licked over his sleek face, imbuing the dark recesses around his ‘eyes’ with an approximation of humanity.

“I understand everything,” he said, quietly, “I can control realities and I can control the full psyche”. At his words, the firelight lit up Angeline’s face to show her eyes clouded over and her expression blank, like she used to be: A Sleepwalker.

“I have done and undone everything all to search for my one answer. It concerns Lucy. I have never understood anything, nor felt anything in all my incarnations as I did when working with her. I was fervent. Inspired. And a great subject she was. Brave.” He stopped there and looked at me, eager to illicit a reaction and gauge my internal landscape. I gave nothing away. Lucy’s answer was to be greater than any puny actions of retribution I could administer. I was sure of it. Of her.

“When she expired,” he continued, “I was lost. Plagued by visions and teased by dreams and theory that dangled and pulled away from me before I could grasp them. We had made the final discovery, Lucy and I, but I was not there to witness it. It was in her moment of transition from one world to the next that she created The Unified Theory of Everything. But I was in another room, mixing tonics and balms!

After she expired, I tore through realities trying to rediscover the fire that we had birthed – trying to recreate it. As I broke worlds and souls apart I got further towards it. My designs got more complex and more wondrous, edging ever closer. I spun around in that wheel of trial and error until in a mechanical dream I heard a sentence floating through a field of black. The words “Master G_ knows” came to me and it was then that I was shown the course that would lead me to build the LHC complex, Mother Motherland, the bringing together of all time and place to find my ultimate answer. My question is thusly: Master G_ what were dear Lucy’s last words upon her earth?”

I was incredulous. That was it? This machine had turned the Multiverse upside down and crushed it in upon itself a million times over and again to find the answer to such a little question? For a moment I was blank. How could I answer? I was not present when Lucy died…I did not know her last words and, as I realised that, I felt the same desirous need to turn the Multiverse upside down to find it. In that moment I would have gone to the lengths Brekker had gone to in order to find out. I closed my eyes, searching for her last words. I had to know the answer!

It was in my blankest of moments that I saw her. There, in a meadow by a crystal clear lake she sat against a mulberry tree. Her white cotton dress dazzling in the sunshine, her eyes flecked with light of the Borealis. She looked at me and smiled and with that smile carried her final words, drifting towards me like dandelion snow on an autumn breeze. I opened my eyes and flashed a brilliant glare at the Brekker Machine. My Lucy, dear Lucy, in her final moments of unspeakable pain had uttered a Couplet from her most beloved poet. So I told him what her last words had been:

‘Always will the God Machinist be lost,

Twisted and mad inside Great Ouroboros’

As her words carried over the campfire the flames flickered and a zephyr blew the words into the sleek veneer of Brekker’s armour and they entered his mind. He froze. His bronze turned to a sickly grey as he comprehended his ultimate answer. His head jolted slightly then slumped loosely. Like the victim of a hanging, his head lolled. A second gentle zephyr came through the air and at the gust's gentle touch the engineer fell backwards onto the sand with a great thud. We sat there for a moment, unsure how to act.

We sat in silence for a few moments until a sickly wheeze came from his torso. We leaned slightly towards him and heard an awful scratching from within his abdomen. The progeny! The bulbous lump in his abdomen was moving! We could see hands pushing and pulling from inside, the bronze seemingly now having the viscosity of skin. Fingers broke through! They pulled the abdomen open from the inside and from within the carcass of Brekker came a wet ugly baby. Angeline picked it up and held it to her chest. She carried no look of love. The nauseating baby rotated its head towards me and smiled a revolting smile.

Alexander Tumour Baby/Brekker Tumour Baby

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