TheNeverPages Serialisation
Series 5, Episode 13

TheNeverPages - Series 5, Episode 13

Master G_ entry – in pursuit of Brekker and Angeline:

Campfire on horizon has not extinguished. They await us. We are advancing upon them. Fell asleep on the rocky dune. Lethargy finally overcoming us. Cursed myself for sleeping and losing time and distance when I awoke. Peeked over the brow of dune and was amazed to see fire still there. We continued our pursuit. We have covered good ground and there is no change in the fires position. They must be waiting for us. Waiting for what? To parlay? To kill us? Only one way to find out.

Resting now. Noticed that the pursuit is easier today. I have not been wading through the sand and have not fallen apart or melted into any dune. I have remained solid and focused throughout the day. Decided on a test. I tried to fall away into sand and reform myself. It worked but only after considerable concentration. The pain in my mind was almost unbearable, but I held my focus for long enough and I managed to disintegrate. Reformation was equally hard and I almost did not make it. I will not attempt full dispersal again, only localised - a hand or a leg. Now that I am resting, I will recount further the events that took place thirteen days ago.

Storming the LHC Compound – Chain of events (con’t):

We went to Tesla. We ran through the labyrinth of corridors and passages that led up towards the observation deck. It was a fever dream. The collision of realities was nauseating and as we ran through each one, we felt pulled apart, punched, kicked and crushed by the chaotic gravity. The abnormality of the fold ravaged us as we passed through many, many iterations of the same journey. By the time we got only halfway up, we no longer knew which reality we occupied fully and had the divisive and confusing feeling of being posited over a myriad of spaces at the same time. We vomited constantly as our run fell to a walk then to a stagger until eventually a crawl.

We were about to halt for good, overcome with the impossibility of our physical location and the subsequent strain on our psychology and we lay upon the grated walkway in the centre of the Multiverse. All around us electricity spiked off the walls and the noise, the noise originated in our very souls before hitting our ears, our atoms faltering, our blood boiling, our skin liquefying – we were done for! And then, at the end of all things, I felt a tug on my collar and a pull followed by a growl. It was Paisley! He was dragging me on along the corridor, his one eye bright and his bullet eye gleaming with electricity as it flailed around the bullet in his socket like a plasma dome.

I held out my arm and grabbed hold of MGV2’s wrist and Paisley dragged us both, seemingly unaffected by the impossibilities that wracked MGV2 and I. Of course, he was invisible to all but us and he does not exist in any of the realities of this one Multiverse. At least, he didn’t in that moment as the realities he existed in were yet to be brought forth into Brekker’s mad cauldron. So he remained alive.

He pulled us along to the end of the gantry when an almighty thunderclap came. We looked up and saw the force blast the entire roof of the reactor out into the sky. Corridors and walkways above us shattered and melted with the force but no debris fell onto us as it was all instantly turned to ash. The sky was angry and the Borealis was all around, the washes of green and purple ripping across the sky. There was a spider’s web of electricity above linking the celestial blanket and it seemed to be descending upon us.

The explosion of the reactor roof seemed like the lid of a pressure cooker had blown. We settled atomically as air returned to our lungs and our circulation regulated. Slowly, we got too our feet.

MGV2 and I barged our way through the connecting door at the end of the gantry and made our way further up the compound towards the observation room.

To note – while I write this, a development has come about. Looking out now at the campfire, I can see that it hasn’t moved. The change is in the landscape. A dust cloud has descended on the horizon, dimming the firelight. I can see within the cloudy hazy shapes. Giant forms moving up and down slowly like seesaws. Gargantuan! I have to strain hard to see them. When I think I can understand their structure, they vanish again behind the dust clouds.

Storming the LHC Compound – Chain of events (c’ont):

We reached the observation deck in stronger character, our confidence growing with each level ascended.

We reached the final level and saw the T-junction ahead. It was where we split up. MGV2 had to get to Tesla and I had to get to Brekker. It was clear now that Angeline had betrayed us totally and the Final Stage Firing was in full swing. We had no chance of saving the workers, or the town – at least, not as priority. Was Angeline in control of her actions? Probably not. Still accountable? Most definitely.

We split up as we had work to do. Hopeful of success. Fearful that we would not reunite.

MGV2 ran off one way, I the other and soon I came to an empty observation room. The far wall was one giant window that looked out over the reactor core. It was a perfect view of the chaos around. I stood for a few seconds, amazed at the scale of the operation – the gantries criss-crossing, the monumental Uranium rods and the great glass columns standing firm against the Final Firings onslaught. I snapped out of my wonderment and went was about to leave when another thunderclap rocked the complex and I was thrown across the room, smashing into a terminal. I staggered to my feet and fought against subsiding gravity. I felt as if the whole room was on a listing ship on the brink of capsizing. I fought forward to the window and I grabbed onto a rail just as the gravity in the room shifted 180 degrees. Paisley shot to the ceiling and would have impaled himself on a twisted upturned desk leg had I not grabbed his tail at the last second. As I held on and the gravity shifted once more and I saw through the observation window a giant shard of concrete and steel come crashing in through the reactor roof. It fell between the great glass columns and pierced the floor. It was her sword! Mother Motherland had lost her broadsword and it had come crashing down upon us! The impact obliterated many gantries, shattering the windows of reality as it anchored many eventualities into one single conjoined fate. Many people across the Multiverse expired when Mother Motherland laid down her arms.

A hairline crack appeared in the corner of the observation window and, as the gravity began to shift again, I could see the furniture begin to bend toward the glass. A single blow to it would prove catastrophic – we didn’t have to wait long at all. The gravity shifted in one swoop and both Paisley and I were flung against the glass. We smashed through it and were blasted into the reactor core. I tried to hold Paisley close to me, expecting to take any impact on my back but as soon as we were clear of the observation room and out into the reactor room our gravity suddenly re-aligned top to bottom and we shot upwards along with the shards of the window and the debris from the sword as if we were in a vacuum, sucked out into the Borealis!

The floor of the reactor grew small as we were being pulled up alongside the blade of Mother Motherland’s sword. I could see the blazing night sky through the hole of the roof. We were headed for destruction but we were saved by the sword’s hilt. I crashed, back first, into the underside of the swords cross-guard and stuck to it, pressed against the great concrete quillons looking down at the chaos below. I held Paisley tight to my chest, praying the gravity would not shift again and send us crashing back down to the floor.

Directly below I could see a walkway, perhaps 200 feet lower than us that had so far sustained no damage. I could not understand how that could be, given the wanton destruction all around. Through the smoke and shimmering light, at one end of the gantry below I saw a worker next to a terminal, still working away, totally oblivious to the chaos. I knew instantly that it was Tesla, that poor creature.

It was then that my vision changed. The view of the walkway, the reactor floor and the sword fell away and there was a moment of blackness and panic which passed as, while my body remained pinned to the crossguard of the broadsword, my eyes told me differently.

My new vision showed me that I was walking along on a gantry, the gravity constant and real. Up ahead I could see a closed door. I opened it and stepped out on the walkway in the reactor room. Directly ahead of me, at the far end of the gantry stood Tesla, monotonously operating his terminal.

While my body was pinned to the underside of Mother Motherland’s sword hilt, my eyes were projecting the vision of Master G_ Version Two.

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