TheNeverPages Serialisation
Series 5, Episode 11

TheNeverPages - Series 5, Episode 11

There is a noise outside. Footsteps. Paisley has sprung up and is staring at the hole in the laboratory ceiling. Something is coming.

It was Angeline! We saw her shadow spill over the hole in the roof. It was twisting and contorting as it passed over the ruins of the laboratory. As her footsteps approached the edge of the roof, her shadow retracted into the more recognizable human shape and, just before she appeared, the shadow snapped back into her unique form.

We looked up at her, she looked down at us. Paisley barked at her pleasantly but she did not respond.

She simply whispered, “I have come to help.” She climbed down from the roof into the lab and we sat together. Angeline recounted her shame and guilt in the participation of Tesla’s destruction and the love she still bears for him. She was honest and sincere and the angst she carried was genuine. We sat upon the cold floor, MGV2 with his hand in Angeline’s and my hands on Paisley’s back, stroking him.

We told her that she was not to blame, that Brekker was the architect. She began to cry, mournfully at first before broking into fits of confessional sobs.

She said, “It was me! I betrayed him. I didn’t want to, but I felt compelled. It felt natural. I was asleep, yet awake, in control and somehow not. It was dark, dark outside, night-time, but also dark inside my eyes. My vision was tunnelled and blurred. I walked from our bed all the way here, though I do not remember taking any steps. It was like in a dream where one flies. I drifted to this laboratory and I felt like a shadow. A ghost. I entered and saw my love standing, facing away from me and without pause for breath or thought I struck him with a rock. A clean gash opened on his head and he fell to the floor. I did it! I hit him. I betrayed him and I took him to Brekker, and delivered him as if he was weightless. We placed him inside the glass dome and stole his mind and now I am awakened with the knowledge that my nightmare was real and I have done this terrible act. I want to die. I want to leave.”

Her sobs grew in intensity and her words became inaudible.  MGV2 hugged her tightly while wiping away her tears with my handkerchief. Paisley nuzzled her. At his touch, Angeline flinched in surprise. She couldn’t see him! I handed her my periscope and pointed her in the direction of the mutt. She looked down and saw him. Her tears were vanquished and she smiled broadly. She reached out and touched him. “I can feel him,” she said, “he’s really there…good boy, good boy.” Angeline calmed herself, relieved at having confessed.

We showed her the notes we found in the laboratory and the diagnosis of Brekker’s mystery illness and his repeated experiments. She was silent. When we are done she looked us over.

MGV2 spoke to me in my mind. He queried whether we should have relayed our findings and whether we should trust Angeline. He reminded me of the Old Angeline on the train, of her warning of the man who walks through walls and of her fateful transformation into the cyclone. While we looked at her, we colluded in our minds. Secret parlay. We fell on the side of trust as we have not trusted too much to anything, even reality and so maybe now it is time now to trust to this woman. So we do.

Whether she was privy to our talk, I cannot say, but as soon as we had spoken these words to each other, she seemed to react. A light behind her eyes flared up slightly. She stood up, dusted herself down and declared that we go. A lightning bolt of conviction flashed through us all and we knew what needed to be done. We all stood up and shook hands.

And so we go. We go to the LHC compound to terminate the experiment and evacuate the city before it is too late. We are prepared. Paisley and I are to evacuate the workers first. We will falsely trip the alarm and cause manageable panic. We will rupture steam vents and set off controlled explosions that lead the workers out to safety. Through the smoke and darkness, Paisley will lead the people out. When they are a safe distance, he will return back to the laboratory.

Angeline will infiltrate the observation room and destroy the reactor uplink before all realities reach Prompt Critical. Once that is done, she will disable the service tunnel to the LHC pipeline. She says she is able to do this and we believe her. We have to as we do not know how anything inside works. Once she has stopped the experiment, she will escape with the others through the panic. Once outside the compound, she will break away from the crowd and make her way back here.

MGV2 is to get Tesla out of the complex and back to the laboratory. It is understood that the man is lost and that he will not react to any situation. He will not move from his terminal and his levers. Not of his own accord anyway. MGV2 will either drag him away, or incapacitate and carry him out. They will meet back here also.

My charge is, once the compound is clear, find Brekker and extract him. Perhaps we can force him to reconstruct Tesla’s psyche? Perhaps I can get him to show me a way into the FurtherUnknown and to Lucy perhaps? This is best case scenario.  Worst case scenario: if we fail to stop the final firing of the LHC and all realities are folded into one, then we cannot foresee a path in which anything will matter. We cannot imagine what a folded Multiverse will appear to be, so we cannot predict our reactions.

In short two things must happen now

  1. We must not fail. 
  2. Brekker must be captured alive. 

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