TheNeverPages Serialisation
Series 5, Episode 10

TheNeverPages - Series 5, Episode 10

Master G_ entry.

The above pasting details much. Answers a lot of questions. By that I mean, it orders much into a congruent timeline. It positions everything in a chain, albeit a chain with links that intercept each other at various points over various realities. Seems to be that Brekker’s need and desire is to order. That is the engine that drives him. One could suggest that by doing so, by ordering everything, one orders all the Multiverse around oneself. One has a position. A finite place amongst all things. When one has position, then one is the baseline to which all variants are measured. One is the point of observation for the Multiverse. One is God.

MGV2 and I are calm in our understanding, but also resolute. No more proof is needed (Though MGV2 had known all along) that the man I sought out for answers and help is unconditionally the man who deals in chaos. I am a fool to have believed in him in life, and carried through that belief into TheNeverRealm. My love for him was so strong that I carried it over to here, and when all else was turning to sand what seems like millennia ago, I kept him more alive than anything. More alive than Lucy herself.

MGV2, Paisley and I have occupied Tesla’s old laboratory. The hotel is a place for Angeline/Evelyn and the brain-dead Tesla. Seems fitting that this place is where we should operate.

To note – the two piles of sand that we climbed out of (and nearly lost the NeverDiary back into) have vanished. Instead there are two black, obsidian-hard plaques.

Paisley is with us. After our escape we found him sitting on the LHC pipeline, calm as the dead…until he saw us. He barked a bark that said “Hello!”, but also nearly chastised us for not being quicker and for making him worry. I do not like leaving him on the sidelines. MGV2 and I believe that a fight is coming and we believe it is time to put the mutt in harm’s way. The dog is a good dog and he will not fail if we task him with something. His tail wagged like a gyrocopter when we told him this.

We left the reactor via the roof. After exploration of the lower levels, and the room with the evil statue and dreadful presence, we ascended level by level. We occasionally turned to sand to gain entry into areas through keyholes, grates, vents and under doors. We have become so used to it now that we do not have to conjoin our minds, we simply approach a door, dissolve through it as we desire and then reform. It is as effortless as walking through an open door when made of flesh.

We found files, documents and maps and we pieced together other experiments. The USS Eldridge that he spoke off for example. There he attempted to move an object, a battleship, through realties and back again. The aim was to distribute and recall with the goal of attaining identical molecular reformation. He failed. His mistake was to equate all things on a single plane. Steel, iron, flesh and bone have different patterns, different agendas. His calculations were too simplistic. He learned from this and moved onwards to more ‘successful’ experiments (at the expense of many lives).

We found his designs for the Exxon Valdez, her hull integrity critically flawed. We found the transcripts of the distress calls – notations all over. Criticisms of emergency procedures – blame cast everywhere.

We found a diagnosis for an illness made out to him. We did not recognize the name of the disease. We found designs, concept through to final, for that horrific sculpture in that room. We have taken one (a final rendering of the bust and exposed progeny) it is pasted in here, thought I am loath to look at it. There was also a portfolio on Lucy. I could not bear to paste it in. I fear the need to do so is redundant as I may never forget what the document outlined; the torture, the balms, the ionic powders and tonics he forced her to drink. The mutations, the pains, the screams and the acts he visited upon her would have made the Devil himself scream in horror.

We learned from that document a valuable outcome: all his experiments across time and space before were concerned with the effect on all reality. However, The Lucy Experiments were concerned only with her and with her limits, with her boundaries and thresholds.

His conclusion perplexed us. He stated that he learned nothing from her. Throughout all his catastrophes he has orchestrated the results had all fired him off in another direction. They had all given birth to some new theory. Except for the Lucy Experiments and because of that, he concluded that somewhere in that series of tests lays the secret to it all. He stated that every experiment after was designed to recreate that procedure so that he could re-enact the process and explore his great question.

We do not know what his great question is; he does not write it down. But Lucy knows it, and has charged me with delivering the answer. Neither of us knows the question or the answer nor even how it will come about. We hope that its deliverance will also deliver us from this place and onwards to Lucy. We believe it will. We believe in Lucy. I believe in her, as she believes in me.

While reading over Brekker’s demented notes, MGV2 and I both shared a pang of sadness for this madman who has struggled and traversed time, space, death and reality in his insane quest for answers, his failures twisting and burning in him and the lives he has squandered, the dead bodies at his feet and the blood on his hands! Even with what he did to Lucy, and even given what I feel towards him for that we have to believe that he feels each of his crimes. We have to believe that he is not lost to the cold and that he is human, somewhere inside that twisted oubliette of a soul. He must feel the weight of all his crimes and hear the screams of his victims in some capacity!

If he does not and if inside he is truly as blank as The Void then we are not dealing with a human at all. We are dealing with a God. And that makes us fear. 

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