TheNeverPages Serialisation
Series 4, Episode 6

TheNeverPages - Series 4, Episode 6

I am weightless and I am drifting through the infinite. I am the stars, I am the cosmos, I am light, I am the way. I am millennia. I am thought. I am all things. I am all particles. I am all time. I am observation at all points. 

I am writing in a journal, I am seeing, I am calculation, I am a singularity, I am returning from the void, I am accelerating, I am gravity, I am falling through space, I am leaving the stars, I am leaving the cosmos, I am leaving light. I am something. I am at one linear time. I am focused. I am carbon. I am at my own point of observation. I am Tesla again. I am dreaming. I am feeling warm, I am feeling pushed and pulled.

I am waking up.

Systems check.

Musculature – active.

Nervous system – responsive.

Heart – beating.

Lungs – breathing.

Open eyes.

Eyes open.

Focus eyes.

Eyes focused.

Purple tint clouding vision. Peripheral vision feathered 14%

Sit up.

Tesla Entry.

Against all odds, against all hope, I am back! I survived the Third Stage Firing and from within the Collider itself no less. I am sitting still against the wall of the pipeline, staring at the Collider Tube. Everything remains the same. I feel as if I have merely slept.

Diary entries have shifted again. I can make out passages written my Master G_ Version 2. I shall now divine them as MGV1 and MGV2.

The skin on the left hand side of my body is transparent down through the musculature and I can see the network of veins and nerves. I can even see the blood vessels floating around inside my veins.

They collide and repel, pushed and pulled around the tubes giving me life. I can see them all. Zero gravity inside my veins.

The Third Stage Firing occurred and I was indeed sent into space. I was at one with everything and nothing. Stage Three, from inside the LHC, seemed to fold reality outwards. Perhaps like opening a book and sending the trapped dust particles into the air, then slamming the book shut again. I was outward, and inwards. Like breathing in, taking air into lungs and then expelling it.

I’m lucky to have survived that! MGV1 was not so lucky and, as proved by the periscope that shows different realities, he was not so lucky twice. Cannot put myself in the position to test my luck a second time. Getting out of the LHC pipeline and heading for the hotel complex. Back to the room.

Brow of ridge.

Clearly the reality of Pripyat took another assertive step into the reality of Couldwell. Less wood, more concrete. I cannot help but think of my lover. Will I see her? Will I find her awake? Going confidently to the hotel.

The town is filled with signs of life but bereft of any physical evidence, save for shadows. There are strange shadows moving around, silhouetted against the ground and the walls. I hid behind a barrel on Torpor Avenue and looked out at the silent, empty town. The footprints in the ground, the tyre tracks and the wheel ruts from carriages all appeared before me. And so, I tracked a pair of footprints in the dust-covered concrete floor as they walked passed me. I saw along a concrete wall, the shadows of people coming and going, dragging trunks and boxes, pulling carts and all laughing jovially. I was like a moving projected image. A zoetrope.

I put the periscope to my eyes. No change save one. With the periscope to my eyes, there came the sounds of the city. I could just about hear the sounds of life - of laughter, of horns, of street callers and children playing. All the sounds of town life.

Either I am newly dead, brought into a confused existence by which my mind refuses to see the living, or it is the other way round. I can conclude that, as Pripyat has been brought from one existence into this one, so too have its inhabitants. I am not dead. I am not a ghost. I am real. I think I am witnessing souls walking through a doorway. It seems that folding reality brings everything else with it. Are they aware of it? Are they conscious of the intrusion? Have they been folded from one moment into the next and continuing onwards as if nothing had happened, or have they been folded into a specific timescape and doomed to repeat actions and gestures that they have done before?

How do I explain better?

Equation… X+time/Y=time continuous where / represents Fold?

Did the townsfolk in reality X experience time as A, B, C /[FOLD INTO REALITY Y] D, E, F, and G….completely unaware of any such interference in their position in time and space, oblivious to being ripped from one place to another?


Does the timeline of the Townsfolk run as in this equation?

Reality X + Time < A, B, C> /[FOLD INTO Y] = A2, B2, C2,

The second solution seems to run with supporting evidence of the holograms of Master G_, and the footprints leading from the kiosk. This might also help explain the loss of memory. As we shift from X into Y and begin to run time as A2, B2, C2 so our memories unwind, re-order, and rebuild to create a singular line. Therefore, as we reorder our psyches, we witness echoes and shadows from other variations of ourselves.

Highly possible.

For now though, it is clear that the townsfolk are indeed in this NeverRealm but also in their previous time/space/reality.

I can assume that the next Stage Firing will bring them either fully into this world, or one step closer. If I survive the next stage, will I see full bodies walking around (and will I be able to interact with them?) or will I see skeletons? Or nervous systems wandering around? How far into this world will they step? And of the Sleepwalkers? What of them?

My theory goes that the construction of the LHC brought with it the ghosts or their souls. Like pioneers, they came first, and now, everything is ready to bring their physical forms through. Possible, though I cannot be sure. It would be foolish to conclude that the realities folding inwards consist of merely two…how many facets of the psyche are there? How many cells in the body? Each one is its own entity.

The numbers are great indeed. I go now to the hotel. 

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