TheNeverPages Serialisation
Series 4, Episode 3

TheNeverPages - Series 4, Episode 3

Tesla’s Entry.

Slept by the kiosk after surviving a cold night. There was a bitter frost on me when I woke. First I have seen since I can remember. Frost in a desert? Paid attention to the icicles that had formed upon the guttering around the kiosk. They shimmered in the sun. Very beautiful. Have decided to stay here in case the woman in dream (Master G_’s dream) returns.

Woman did not come back. I held out little hope for this to occur, but thought it prudent to exhaust the possibility anyway. Paisley shivered and moaned through the night, his leg twitching. He was having a fever dream. What do dogs dream of? Getting chased by automobiles? Dinosaur bones?

Have inspected the kiosk once more. Found only one new change. The graphite imprint of the man lying against the back has dissipated. Not entirely vanished as a shimmering outline remains. What is new however, are footprints leading from the kiosk and off towards the town. Graphite footprints. As if the shadow got up and walked away…pure fantasy of course, shadows can’t walk.

What is not fantasy, however, is the possibility of recording and playback. A memory has returned.

Nitrate Experiment - recollection.

Notes on this were destroyed during Stage One Firing so must recall purely from my muddy and blurred memory. Like my purple vision, many memories upon my canvas have melded together. I will focus and try to pull the correct method from the amalgamations of memories.

Nitrate Experiment – carried out in early June, 1828, Dalmatia.

Reputable socialite reported to me of her haunted house. She came to me desperate. Priests did nothing but exorcisms and endless masses. Still she heard ghostly voices emanating from her parlour. I inspected the residence. The house was near the municipal railway and predominantly constructed of strong, varnished wooden beams. Woman held many parties. Riotous laughing, cheering and singing. During the quiet times, she reported of distant singing and voices in dead of night floating from the parlour.

Took extensive samples from the house. From the wooden beams and varnishes. From the plaster mix of the walls and even from the cosmetics she applied to her face daily. My methodology remains vague in my memory, however the outcome remains.

The nitrate solvent varnish use to coat the beams, coupled with electrified rail-lines created a static field. Whenever a train rumbled over, it made the film of nitrate coating the beams vibrate. The resonances of the voices and singing within the parlour when this happened were at a pitch high enough to be captured onto the film! Later, in times of quiet, whenever a train rolled passed the parlour would vibrate at a low frequency and nitrate film rumbled, releasing the captured sounds which amplified off walls. Put simply, the parlour was a giant voice recorder. She was hearing playback of parties. Woman changed varnish, solving the problem and she paid handsomely.

Now, perhaps instead of a shadow walking away, the footprints and silhouettes are echoes? Perhaps they are playback from events past and future (future on this plane, past on another) as realities are folding in and the LHC is discharging this residue, this stain. It is entirely possible that this world is a giant recorder and amplifier? Recording and echoing events, realities. Entirely possible.

Followed the steps, they soon fade away into nothing. Like wavelengths, they stretch and dissipate until nothing (at least nothing recordable by my meagre tools).

I have an idea.

I was right! And a major breakthrough! Master G_’s periscope works for me! At least in a small way. I put it to my eyes and looked at the kiosk and saw a man resting against it. It was Master G! He was neither alive, nor dead but instead a representation of his form; a still image that was presented in multi-dimensions. I could walk around him, viewing him from all viewpoints and even put my hand through him.

I have heard of an innovator in Greenland who has pioneered work into the field of ‘solid-still’ projection. The pretence is that several similar, yet conflicting images are thrown at different parts of the eye simultaneously. Then, when they are compiled together and rendered fully, they combine into a solid form representation. He called the science ‘holographonics.’ This must be an example of it.

I looked inside the kiosk and, in place of the previous graphite stain, I saw a horrifically disfigured Master G_. He was in a frozen state of liquefaction. Similar to the fate the real Master G_ had suffered in my laboratory only this Master G_ seems to be in the middle stages of decay. Seems to be slowly melting. Whereas my Master G_ resembled a bucket of water being emptied, this poor variation seemed more like a candle melting away in sombre melancholy. His left hand has melted away to a skeleton, even his fingers are calcified nubbins. His whole face is drooping. Totally grotesque.

Feel both alleviated and sad to discover that across all dimensions, one’s fate remains the same. Circumstances and details may alter, but it seems that, essentially, all deaths are the same.

I cannot take samples as the periscope does not seem to make things real, it only shows what is real. I have scanned the environment with the periscope to my eyes and nothing else seems to have changed. I holstered the contraption and looked with my naked eyes.

The sun was beating down so I put my hand up to blot the glare and I noticed the unmistakable outline of my skeleton through the layers of my skin on my hand only the light seems to penetrate deeper through the skin than before. I can make out little details. Nerve clusters, veins and musculature. I rolled my sleeve up and held that up too. Similar reaction, but a lot less pronounced due to thickness of my arm. This is the side of my body that is covered in the purple residue. I am probably disappearing. Well, one half of me anyway. If it gets too debilitating, I will focus on a remedy as it is my belief that there is no chemical known to man that cannot be countered. Until then, I will leave it be and note the progression.

Discoveries are coming fast it seems. I must speed up my pursuits. Although glad to have made detour to kiosk and made crucial breakthroughs, I do hope that there are not many more like that around here as I need to get into town and have a look around at ground level.

Must find my lover! What state will I find her in?

I hope to fi….

Second Stage LHC Firing just occurred! Though I am at safe distance from the Gateway, this Stage Firing was different to the first. There came no rumbling and no howl, no wind or electrical nets. Instead, from where I stood upon the ridge, I saw only a curious pulse. A bubble came up from the ground and formed over the town. It was a huge orb of shimmering light which refracted into an oil-stained pattern. Within the bubble, the town seemed to swell into an awaiting belch. I winced at the sight of the swelling town, waiting in trepidation for it to reach a critical point and detonate. Within the bubble, the town held at its zenith for a few seconds, seemed to contract slightly, and then the outer bubble burst! The pulse filtered out into the wasteland in a rumbling, iridescent wave. As it approached me, I raised the periscope to track the effects of the blast. There were none and the blast wave fell away harmlessly. A moment of bitter disappointment washed over of me and, to some extent, still lingers within. I do not know whether that was truly Second Stage Firing. I must assume so. I must assume that ‘time’ is running out (at least on my timeline).

I go now with haste back into Pripyat.

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