TheNeverPages Serialisation
Series 4, Episode 2

TheNeverPages - Series 4, Episode 2

Tesla Entry

Cannot leave the journal like that. I have overcome my despondency. Slept heavily for a long time, maybe days. Shirt cuffs are frayed and my jacket is threadbare possibly from the LHC Stage One firing, possibly from time spent in slumber far, far from Pripyat.

I did not dream. I wanted to. I wanted to go back to that dream I had many years ago, that glorious dream prophesising the arrival of one who would come and illuminate the sky. I wanted to see him again and talk to him even if in a dreamscape. I knew it was an impossibility, but even men of science dream of the impossible sometimes, even of the supernatural. Even men of science dream.

But I did not dream. For however long I spent on that dust covered concrete plain, all I saw was blackness. No sound, no weight, no depth, just calm nothing. Of all I have seen, I assume that the nothingness was as close to heaven as can be. Hell is stimulus, heaven is nothing.

When I awoke, Paisley was sitting on my chest, panting and looking down at me. He had followed me here, good dog. Had waited patiently outside the lab, amongst the chaos. He must have held firm in the heart of disaster. Good dog. He was sitting on my chest, head tilted and his bullet-eye glinting.

It was in that moment upon waking and seeing his face that I regained my resolve. Paisley remains chipper and so shall I. It isn’t over! It was only a Stage One Firing after all. I ran through theories in my head and classified the stages as numbering between five and eleven. At the most, there will be ten more Stage Fires and then the Final Firing. What the Final Firing brings, I do not know but I must investigate it. For Master G_, for his Lucy, for my work, for my legacy, I must investigate it.

Stood up, took inventory of assets. Not many. My mind, Master G_’s dog, Master G_’s odd little Dimensional Periscope (no real use to me so far) the journal and that was it. Flicked through the book and a photo of Lucy fell to the floor. I can see why Master G_ loved her. I too feel love for her, but it is a love for her because of what she inspired in him, not what she generates in my heart. I would have very much enjoyed an evening in the company of my two friends. Put the photo back in the journal. It seems this journal is mine now. For my eyes only. I have nobody to pass this too. It is mine now only to document.

Noticed that corners of my vision have a slight purple discolouration. It’s like wearing tinted spectacles that I can’t take off. Edges of my peripheral vision are just slightly blurred. I can conclude that it was caused by the LHC (what else could it be?) Notice also a fine purple residue on my skin. Tastes metallic. It is a similar residue that coated the bones in Old Teller’s reception. Clearly, the residue came from the staging of the LHC and, as I have not been through such a severe event before, I must conclude that it has happened long ago (or a long time in the future) or in another reality. This residue is clear proof of the folding and melding of realities. All things are beginning to become one. This sparks my curiosity greatly.

I have cleaned off the residue down one half of my body. I will make note of any change in condition that the coated side has. I could never bring myself to perform this test on Paisley despite his adequacy for being a test subject. No, cannot test on him. He is an innocent. Test on myself instead. Put my clothes back on (which, to note, bore no residue. The purple coating appeared all over my skin and not just my face and other exposed areas. Conclusion? The residue came from within. But how? And why? Come on Tesla, question forwards, not backwards!)

Packed everything away now. Feeling confident. Heading through the Zone of Alienation and back into town. Will continue to update.

Tesla Update.

Standing on a ridge. Taking a moment to collect thoughts.

Ahead I can see Pripyat and, past that the taller ridge, behind which stands the LHC Gateway. I can see the mighty, imposing figure of Mother Motherland calling me and despite the chaos of the test fires, and the Stage One Fire, Mother Motherland seems unaffected. The LHC Gateway always seems to withstand all. Construction not the same as anything have seen. Not the same as my laboratory which, I can see, just to the east, lays ruined.

The town itself seems different. It has somehow expanded in all directions. Not just in surface area – buildings are bigger, taller and seemingly newer too. Hard to be more concise as the distance blurs my vision somewhat. The purple tint around my eyes hinders me slightly, also.

Have noticed to the west, some distance off, a small wooden structure. Taking a detour to investigate.

Wooden object is a kiosk, similar to an old style toll booth. Bizarre location - middle of nowhere. Looked back through journal and found a mention of it. Master G_ recollected that he used to work here, in this kiosk. In life he used to guard the empty city of Pripyat. A past employment.

To note – found a similar mention later on in the journal. The etchings and scratching that cover a portion of the journal (which was a source of great interest and curiosity to both me and the departed Master G_) have become more legible. I can make out certain words here and there. ‘Graphite’, ‘gurgling’, ‘kiosk’ ‘old woman’. Wonder if that is a reference to the old woman who came to Master G_ when he worked here? She said to him, “This is not your dream.”

This new etching seems to reflect it. The folding in of realities includes the pages in this journal it seems. Perhaps Stage Two LHC Fire will fold even more? Maybe make more words legible. Maybe. Perhaps all will be revealed before the final Tenth Stage is released.

Walked around the kiosk and found two, altogether familiar, graphite stains. One inside the booth covering the seat of the chair and one on the outside, smeared against the back of the kiosk. The second one resembles a man sat against it. They are like shadows, imprinted or burnt. Both shadows bear the same shape, just in different poses.

The same person in the same place twice - Master G_.

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