TheNeverPages Serialisation
Series 4, Episode 10

TheNeverPages - Series 4, Episode 10

Tesla Entry.

Night. Moonlight intense. All pervading, like a sheen over the clear sky. No clouds, no cyclones on the horizon ergo no time. The stars innumerable, the planets, galaxies, nebulas are all visible, all clear as crystal (to note – purple tinted vision receding – edge feather now at around 3%).

I do not recognise any of the constellations. Spent a good deal of time lying on my back on the little fountain wall looking up at them all. Found a few moments of solace. Mind fell to rest. No questions, no answers, just a sense of calm, silence and peace. Sensation almost alien to me. Before I had time to really enjoy those moments, my mind started questioning. I started trying to understand these almost forgotten feelings. Mind started up again. For a moment, the briefest of moments, I was at peace. Like a body seconds from an expected death. It was glorious.

Sitting up now.

Town is asleep like before and, as ever, I am the only soul moving around. Always seems to be some sort of quantum state in which I find myself as ‘other’ compared to my environment. As I told Master G_, where they go hungry, I bloat, where they laugh, I cry, when they sleep, I walk.

Angeline is sleeping. After an exhausting day; she has finally taken to her bed, though I am sure that she did it out of convention, rather than necessity. She seemed not tired, but as a child commanded to go to bed. She was talking, as she incessantly does, then an expression crossed her face. No…not an expression. It was the lack of expression that crossed her face. It was wiped from her in an instant like a blackboard full of a day’s equations and notations being cleaned away in one great motion. She stood in front of me, blank and distant then she said in a voice without inflection, “I am tired. I sleep now,” and she lay on the bed, stiff as the dead, fully clothed. She crossed her arms, corpse like, and fell ‘asleep’ instantly. I was shocked at her sudden change of state. I lay stiff too, pretending to sleep. I counted to a thousand in my head before moving as I needed to make sure she was asleep. I waved my hand in front of her eyes. There was no reaction. I listened to her heartbeat – slow, low frequency; second stage sleep and progressing further.

I crept out of the room and left the hotel.

(To note – reception dead, neither a soul nor sound)

I am by the fountain. Since the Stage Four Firing, not only have the population turned from ghosts to full flesh, it seems they have bought with them the remaining buildings from Pripyat of then to here.

I can see a complex of tower blocks to the east of the central business district. They are high-rise, cheap living, and practical. Impressive scale and functionality. A pleasant mix of design. I can see green areas for the children to play in. I can see roads and verges. Planning has gone in to provide a good level of comfort to the wives and homeowners. And yet the functionality of the vast concrete blocks bears clear reminder that they are machines for living. Best estimate, there is accommodation for around 60,000 families. Monstrous workforce. Sheer scale and concentration of people brought he for a single (awful) purpose is quite chilling. I can see behind the east tower something even more chilling – a wheel. A giant wheel.

I scanned back through Master G_’s notes. Yes, it is here! The symbol he discovered in his train carriage was of a great ferris wheel, and under it fire and children running and screaming. A great eye in the middle and I too saw a similar affectation of that huge wheel on the side of the outer casing to the giant LHC pipeline that runs against the crater floor. Great wheel, fire, panic. Of course, I have borne witness to this panic first hand through my holographic state earlier.

Do not need further proof that a catastrophe has befallen this time before and maybe countless times before that. I have not checked further the extent of the engravings but it is a near certainty that the burning wheel will repeat itself and more than likely in different iterations denoting the variance of its temporal occurrence.

West of the residential tower block reveals more of the town. It is expanding out, further out than before. I postulate that one could walk from here all the way to the ridge without leaving the city limits. Before, Couldwell stopped a good quarter-cyclone’s trudge from the ridge.

Have noticed also that the concrete appears to be newer. There is less weed growth breaking through and less cracking and discolouration. Layer of sand is negligible. Would be impossible to track the townsfolk by footprints alone now.

There is a clock tower too (ten-to-ten), a town hall and various official looking buildings just north of Torpor Avenue which is no longer a wooden clad boardwalk, but a grand avenue wide enough to drive carriages eight-abreast down. At the fountain end there is a great archway. At the arches zenith, a great cast-iron head. Perhaps twenty foot from chin to brow. Wide eyed, stiff moustache, greased hair. Stern. Powerful. Focused. Do not recognise the face.

Packing diary away now. I feel I am ready to return to the scene of the tragedy. I think it is a necessity that I return now to my laboratory and survey the damage, sift through the rubble and see what I can find. There may be clues. Of course, it may not be there at all. I half expect some great tower block or municipal structure to have folded onto it. Or perhaps the laboratory itself has folded and transmogrified into something else? Could be conclusive proof that I, Nikola Tesla, were here at some other point in time and have been folded here (to follow that theory, I could very well find another version of me running around this place as MGV1 himself did).


I go now to find my laboratory in the name of science.

I also go now to the grave of Master G_ in the name of friendship.

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