TheNeverPages Serialisation
Series 3, Episode 6

TheNeverPages - Series 3, Episode 6

Tesla’s entry.

I do not blame you, Master G_, for what you have done to find me, and I know that my lover will not blame you either for she knows that you are in desperation and in love. Fear not, she is by my side as I write this in your journal. You have passed out on the floor. We have drunk far, far too much! You were like a child, greedy for the drink! As if you had never drunk before. I sensed a great weight has lifted from you. You are curled up on the floor next to your dog. There is a curious stain on the wall, but I am sure you are aware of it. You offered us your bed before you fell down. You are snoring loudly and breathing deeply. How wonderful a sight to see a man at peace after a heavy night of relief! 

I have no doubt, dear friend, that you will have no memory of the last few hours so allow me to take over your journal for the purpose of reporting but fear not, I will not reveal any moments that might be better served being buried in the desert of memory (though I will say, I have seen men set on fire, running around screaming and panicking who could be said to be better dancers than your good self!)

We met at the fountain in the dead of the night. The Sleepwalkers had returned from their shift at the LHC and my lover was distressed from not being with them, from being out of synch with her world but I, like you, am not of this world and so it is that we can move freely between the two. I think this is something you are coming to understand now. How it can be possible for us to see both planes of reality. You kept, after many drinks, thrusting your periscope at me and begging me to ‘look through it and see the truth’ which I did, but saw no remarkable changes like you do. But then, I see what I want to see, as you see what you want to see…or should I say, need to see. I would very much like tomorrow to sit with you and discuss the periscope and your ideas of Couldwell (as you call it) 

I must admit, I truly believed that I would not see you again. After my experiments, I believed you would leave this place, or at least follow your own path. In all my calculations, I did not factor in your spirit and your drive to discover the truth that would help you on your way to your beloved Lucy. And I think, together, we stand a great chance of deciphering the LHC Gateway. Remember, I saw what you saw in the Skyswimmer’s dance (thought it didn’t mean as much to me as I would have liked)

After I had rested my lover upon the wall of the fountain we circled each other, you with a fierce, determined look in your eye.  You were brandishing the two needles in your hands. I had no idea whether you were going to incapacitate me and use them on me, or just going to stab me with them and send to whatever place lies beyond. We circled and I began to sense that you were not seeking violence, but answers. I have told you before that you are not in two places at once, but in the same place twice.

I said this to you, those were my words and as soon as I had uttered them, a tuning fork rang behind your eyes and you realised that, standing across from you, was not an assailant but somebody similar, somebody whom you could benefit from. You lowered the needles and pointed towards my lover.

You said, tearfully, “I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to hurt her. I just want the truth” and you were so sincere in your tone that I felt an instant pang of recognition. I offered you a seat next to her and you took it. I placed your hand on her head and asked you to close your eyes. You did and my lover spoke to you in her dream. She forgave you for the needles and said she would have done the same. Your tears dried and then we went to drink!

We shook hands and I took you to the bar. We drank and you relayed your journey as best as you could remember it. You showed me your diary (perhaps forgetting that I have already seen it) You showed great love for your dog Paisley and a strange mixture of love and repulsion for your missing baby, Alexander. You took me through every trial and tribulation you have experienced and you highlighted the mysterious scratches and faded writing that has overlaid some pages which, I must confess, I find utterly enthralling. Tomorrow when your hangover clears we will work together to uncover its meaning. You relayed your love for your Lucy (something so deep that the words in this diary cannot convey) and you spoke of Brekker and of your daring aboard the train and also in the LHC compound. Brave young man! But there is much we need to do.

I have learned in these last few days that someone or something is coming. Something malevolent approaches and the LHC is truly the gateway. I hope, sleeping drunkard, that we can together get to the bottom of it and with our combined efforts either stop, or exacerbate the event (whichever is decided to be the best course of action). I am overwhelmed that you called me out, and in such a fashion, that you have unlocked so much of this place more than I have done perhaps. You are ingenious, resourceful, focused. You are a good ally and, now, I can say you are a good friend.

Sleep well NeverTraverser

Your friend,

Nikola Tesla

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