TheNeverPages Serialisation
Series 3, Episode 5

TheNeverPages - Series 3, Episode 5

She is awake now. I have adjusted the chair so that it is upright. She is looking at me. Her eyes are cataract. Fogged up. She cranes and weaves her head around, perhaps trying to locate the sounds around her, mapping the geography through aural responses alone. Subject is quite fascinating. I clicked my fingers by her ears and she moved to look at the source of the sound, like a baby when born. She can hear. 

I prised open her mouth and inspected her tongue, jaw line and teeth. She has a complete set of perfect teeth. Quite remarkable. No sign of decay or distress. Her jaw is set and sturdy with no sign of any breakage or duress. Her tongue pink, fleshy and her breath sweet. 

Removed clothes, subject did not resist, perhaps feeling safe? Or unashamed? Or unaware? She has no markings on her body whatsoever. There are no similar track scars down her torso like mine. All ribs accounted for. Could not feel though her skin any signs of previous breakages. Feel somewhat guilty and sad that I maybe have caused her the only physical harm she has known by breaking her radius. Torso is lean and well-formed, breasts youthful and inviting. Hips slender and smooth, well cared for sex and long legs. In conclusion, a perfect specimen of woman and quite, quite unlike anything I have witnessed thus far in the NeverRealm and, indeed, from what I can remember in my desert-mind, from any time in my waking life. I feel a shameful and almost overwhelming urge of lust and I do well to suppress it, though it has been uncounted years since any form of contact that approximated pleasure. I put thoughts to back of mind, I am on a mission and need to remain focused, though I note down my stirrings to highlight to Brekker and to you Lucy, that despite this chaos I am still human.

I have prepared the needles for her eyes and she hasn’t said a word, so silent that she could be asleep. I do not know what true state she is in. Here goes. 

It’s over. She is back into her REM state. I am about to leave to meet Tesla. Experiment a resounding success.  

I came in close to her eyes, as close as I could as I had to clamp her face into position. The insertion of the needles had to be accurate and I had limited apparatus. Found a bench-vice and attached it to the headrest of the chair and placed her skull into it, tightening it until I could see the pain registering on her face. She was still in her twilight phase of sleep therefore it was considerably harder to gauge any normal reaction and so I had to tighten the vice more than I would have liked. When the corners of her mouth dropped and quivered I stopped tightening. Her face was locked. I washed the needles and got in close. I held a lamp directly above her and her foggy irises focused on it intently. As I was holding the lamp, it meant I would have to insert each needle separately. I remember how painful it was to try and remove them one at a time, and was ashamed to have to subject this woman to a similar treatment. 

I took off my belt and placed the leather strap in her mouth to prevent her biting off her tongue. In went the first needle. Her hands gripped the arm rest so tight that three of her fingernails prised off. The needle went in slowly through the very centre of her pupil. She began to drool and gurgle. No tears came. As soon as I felt the needle meet resistance, I stopped. I carefully cleaned up the leaking fluid around the entry wound and dried her eyeball of the specks of blood. The needle now jutted six inches out of her eye. I carefully held the lamp and took it over with my other hand as I moved around the chair to her other side, all the while careful not to move the lamp and therefore move her concentration of gaze. 

The second needle went in with the same care and precision. Once in, I moved the lamp away and observed. As soon as the lamp was gone, the fog in her cataract parted like clouds after a storm or curtains in a play and they revealed the most wonderful and vibrant green irises I have ever seen. Indeed, they were so intoxicating that I leant in a little too far to see them and caught my own head on the end of a needle. It nicked me and a drop of blood ran down the needle. I was not quick enough to stop the droplet from touching her pupil and as soon as it had reached the base of the needle, it was sucked into her eyeball. Her eyes then changed to a most dazzling hue of purple and her mouth opened, letting out a great sigh. Her eyes swirled and sparked and had I not had the focus to break my gaze I would not have looked up at the ceiling! For there, projected out of her eyes was an image of the fountain in the square in perfect clarity, even in the pitch dark. And there, on the fountain, sat a man with a violin. He raised it to his chin and began to play a lament. A melancholy woe. A song for lost lovers. I was immediately struck with sadness and a sudden realisation of what I was doing and what I had done; torturing this woman to bring out Tesla. He had tortured me, but we are men of science and theory and are not privy to exception. This woman was an innocent. I almost cried as the lament continued. Then, the man stopped playing and looked up from the fountain, straight at us! For him, he would have been looking into the stars, for us looking down upon him; he was looking at us, ‘breaking the forth wall’ as the saying goes. He could see me! A whisper came out of her mouth. She said; “Release my lover and come find me, come find Tesla. I am where you see me. Come find me, we have much to talk over” and at that the image began to fade, the clouds of her cataracts returned and the dream was over. 

I was overwhelmed, amazed and frantic. I pulled both needles out instantly and dressed the woman, taking great care to look away and try and return some dignity to her. She is back in REM state now. I am going to carry her to the town square and I am going to meet Tesla and get some answers.

We are really getting somewhere, Brekker. Truly we are.

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