TheNeverPages Serialisation
Series 3, Episode 3

TheNeverPages - Series 3, Episode 3

She is sleeping on the chair. I am yet to begin experiments on her. Better she has an uninterrupted sleep before the needles go in. Brekker, here is what happened. Here is what I had to go through to get a subject. 

After deciding on my course of action, I slept soundly and dreamt of the desert in my mind. I saw the silhouette of a man buried waist deep in a dune. The silhouette wasn’t thrashing or wailing, but calmly remaining still, as if waiting for someone or something. I felt a pang of recognition, as if I was supposed to be there, or to go there and help him. Upon waking, I felt a great regret for leaving that desert dream and it has instantly become something I need to investigate further. But I put it to one side and went about my plans.

As it was early morning, I knew the townsfolk would not be around. I was right. Couldwell was deserted as usual. I spent the morning walking around, looking at places, through dusty windows, breaking into houses searching for clues and also a suitable place to become my laboratory. It wasn’t until I left the borders of the town and headed eastwards that I come across something of use. By chance, as I was walking, my foot hit against something under the loose layer of sand covering the plain. Something metallic. I cleared the sand away and found a hatch. Looking around, I saw that I was alone. I opened the hatch and descended down the metal ladder (I make note that it was metal as everything else around here is made of wood) 

The ladder led down into a corridor which was barricaded in one direction, open in another. I cautiously walked down it (firstly, I wedged the hatch door open, lest it close and entomb me forever). The corridor led to a room that seemed perfect for my needs: a circular atrium that looked like a disused laboratory. There was a bench with various instruments for dissection laid out. They were clean, and eager for use. There was a chair, similar to that of a dentist’s in the centre. At first I thought I might have stumbled upon Tesla’s lair and I was feverish with the notion that I had been led there, but after touching the chair and inspecting the room and it having no effect on me or my memory, I concluded that the room was not his and was probably something constructed by someone else a long time ago. Either way, I knew that the previous owner would not be coming back and that it would be perfectly suited to my needs.

I cleaned up and removed the dust and sand from the bench and the floor as best I could. I noticed a very fine purple residue on the callipers and scalpels, though. Tasted like iron sulphide. Same substance that coated the antlers in Old Tellers reception. Clearly a hangover from a past time. They are connected. Both places bearing witness to the same event. After a few hours, the room was clean and ready for use. Fortunately, when I climbed out of the hatch, the night was drawing in. Perfect timing. I had no need to return to the hotel room as all I needed was with me. 

I made my way to the ridge, descended down and entered the LHC compound. Inside was an intricate maze of corridors, walkways, vaults, silos, control rooms and laboratories. It gave the confusing impression that it was far, far greater in size and depth on the inside than it appeared to be from the outside. It was an impossible labyrinth, mined deep, deep into the ground. When standing on the central walkway and looking down into the reactor, I felt overcome with vertigo, forever it went on! I could see hundreds of service elevators lining the great uranium rods – transportation to go down into the reactor core should one need to. Everything was still. I was the only soul there. There is something altogether terrifying about being the only living soul in a space built for activity. Above the walkway the uranium rods stretched up past even the vanishing point of my eyes. Vast is not the word. I decided to make my way to the central control room, knowing I did not have much time before the Sleepwalkers arrived. I did not get lost and I seemed to know the way. I didn’t double back and I didn’t think twice as I weaved through the spider’s web of gantries and walkways, down countless corridors and passages until I came to the control room. How could I have known about this? Again I felt as if I was in two places at once. My mind felt stretched and confused and I thought about the silhouette in the desert. I overcame my confusion and found a suitable place to hide. My plan was to wait until the operations began and then, at the height of the Test Firing, when all bedlam was breaking loose, I would leap out, incapacitate a worker and escape with them to my new hideaway. I squeezed myself into a metal cabinet and waited. 

I did not have to wait long. As soon as I was ready, the control desks began to light up by themselves! The observation windows un-smoked to reveal the reactor core behind. Switches began to flick, dials turned and a humming began to rise around me. But there was not as soul to be seen! The humming grew louder and louder, yet I was alone. Where were they?

I had to think fast. I closed my eyes and focused my mind. A million images flashed before me, like a rolodex, and then one stopped. The image of the two moons, connected by the train of stars! I opened my eyes and reached for my periscope.

I opened the cabinet doors slightly and raised the periscope to my eyes. And behold! I could see them! The periscope seems to meld realities together, opening a gateway into the NeverHere and NeverThere. A Babel-glass!

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