The journal of Dream Investigator travelling through the afterlife in search of his dearly departed Lucy. However, the longer he spends in the transitory wasteland, the more his memory and dreams begin to infiltrate his world pull his mind apart. TheNeverPages is an epic journey across the Other Side and deep into memory.


Master G_'s dearly departed Lucy is lost within TheNeverRealm: The transitory wasteland between here and the ever-after where memory does not exist. He knows because he has dreamt it. He must track her down and save her, but TheNeverRealm is already infiltrating his psyche and turning his memories into sand. If Master G_ is to rescue Lucy, he must not only overcome his mental disintegration, but also survive the chaos that awaits him in Pripyat: The city that anchors every reality in the Multiverse.

‘TheNeverPages’ is the journal of a Dream Investigator, a magical-realist science fantasy adventure charting Master G_’s journey between here and the afterlife. It takes place during the exact moment of death, when we step from this world into the next and when our memories, past hopes and sins coalesce and are presented back to us.  It is a book about our perception of space, time and reality but above all else,‘TheNeverPages’ is about the lengths we will go to for love.

It is this rawness of the text and as-it–happens writing style that make The Never Pages such an amazing novel. Nudge Me Now
There are no lengths humans won’t go to for love. Human beings will always carry on, will always move forwards. You can never be sure how things will turn out (and that’s as close as I’m going to get to hinting at the unexpected and wonderful way this novel ends). The Book Bag

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‘TheNeverPages’ is presented in beautiful paperback. Cover designed by Leighton Johns and printed with a matte, waxed finish, the book feels beautiful in the hand. The interior, written, illustrated and formatted by Graham Thomas, is printed on luxurious 50lb/75gsm creme paper. 

'TheNeverPages' is available in paperback through 'TheNeverPress' directly. You can also purchase this dark thriller globally in paperback and ebook formats through all leading online channels.

The end of the book actually left me feeling slightly empty – not because of the ending itself, but because I was no longer on this journey, my companions were left in the pages and I had to somehow continue with my life. Fantasy Book Review

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