1. A girl on the run 2. A guy with a gun 3. ...

One part London

Two parts New York 

Mix with Berlin 

Pour over Tokyo 

Serve after midnight

Welcome to Holstenwall City 

Isabella Aznavour doesn't just hold the stage every night at Club Baraka, belting out jazz numbers backed by her effortlessly cool Sinnermen... she is also the best safe cracker in town. 

Stefano Magellan is a cop on the take and in way over his head with the sharks. But he has a plan - Magellan knows that somewhere in the city is a hidden vault that is the answer to all his problems. All he needs is someone to crack it for him.

Herbie Bird is pretty much just a trumpet player, down on his luck. He doesn't even have a gun...but he's got heart and sometimes that can get you far. It can also get you in trouble with jazz singers, safe crackers and crooked cops. 

'That Aznavour Melody' is a left field post-modern crime story concerning a trumpet player and a jazz singer mixed up in a genre they want out of. Fast, freewheeling and fun, this book is a love letter to European cinema of the 60s and 70s

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This fast past, noir crime novel is presented in beautiful paperback. Cover designed by Hayley Brant and printed with a matte, waxed finish, the book feels beautiful in the hand. The interior is formatted by Graham Thomas, and is printed on luxurious 50lb/75gsm creme paper. 

'That Aznavour Melody' is available in paperback through Amazon and global online distribution channels. The digital ebook is coming soon. 

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