'Eugene's On It Again' is a farcical, magical realist day-in-the-life tale of a writer trying to climb over his own doubts, anxieties and those of the locals around him in order to capture that one great idea. This is a book about two things - writing and drinking. Unfortunately for our hero, he is spectacularly good at one of those things. A real natural.

Oh Eugene...

Eugene Bliss hasn't had a dream in a long time. For you and me, that may not pose such a problem. But Eugene is a writer and therefore above everyone else. Eugene needs an idea. Eugene needs a dream. Eugene needs many things but before he gets into all that, he is just going to pop into Jackie Dolan's Cocktail Lounge for a couple. It is his zero birthday after all. Jackie Dolan's Cocktail Lounge is the place for all people at all times. The place to sit. To have an idea. To have a dream. Eugene knows exactly what he is doing.

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'Eugene's On It Again' is presented in beautiful paperback. Cover designed by Hayley Brant and printed with a matte, waxed finish, the book feels beautiful in the hand. The interior is formatted by Graham Thomas, and is printed on luxurious 50lb/75gsm creme paper. 

'Eugene's On It Again' is available in paperback through Amazon and global online distribution channels. The digital ebook is coming soon. 

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