Some men still hear Hector's words echoing across time. floating through their dreams...chiming in their hearts. "Let me not then die ingloriously and without a struggle, but let me first do some great thing that shall be told among men hereafter." And so these men, at the herald of war and glory, take up arms and into the fray they leap.

'12 Days of Games'

Stranger, come sit with me at the bar and share some of this wine. Dion will replenish us when this carafe is done.  I have a tale to tell, if you will indulge me - yes, I am one of those rambling drunks, one of those poor fools who twist and turn and would talk to the wind if the wind would listen. But this drunk has something of worth to impart, if you will indulge me. A story of high action, adventure and adversity. How I came to know this tale isn't important, but it did happen - every word I speak is the truth. These twelve days of violence, betrayal, hope and love really did happen. So, stranger, pull your barstool over and let's drink Dion's wine and let my tale of the twelve days of games begin.

'12 Days of Games' is an epic action thriller set in a crime-ridden city. Gangs roam the streets, causing havoc and mayhem wherever they see it. But the Gods are watching, displeased at the wanton violence - violence that does yield fealty to their eternal power and love. And so, high up in their skyscraper, they set about a trap to fell the disloyal, and honour the just.

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This fast past, violent action crime novel is presented in beautiful paperback. Cover designed by Adam Sibley and printed with a matte, waxed finish, the book feels beautiful in the hand. The interior is formatted by Graham Thomas, and is printed on luxurious 50lb/75gsm creme paper. 

'12 Days of Games' is available in paperback and ebook through Amazon and global online distribution channels. 

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